Healthcare Representative and Living Wills

Healthcare Representative

Related to a durable power of attorney, and actually executed at the same time, is the designation of a health care representative. While the medical component of a durable power of attorney provides certain levels of access to the designated person, such as being able to view medical records, for decision-making power to be granted to another that person must be designated as a health care representative. Failing to make that designation may leave your loved ones without the ability to help enforce what they know to be your wishes regarding health care decisions.

No one wants to envision a future in which he or she is not mentally present enough to make decisions regarding his or her own health care. Perhaps the only thing worse to imagine is being in that position and having someone you do not trust implicitly being chosen to make those decisions for you.

What is a Living Will?

Making end of life health care choices now is something that many people have difficulty with. Even if they have considered what medical care options they think they would want, most people have not taken the step of having those wishes memorialized.

A living will allows you to make your wishes regarding end of life health care known to family and your medical care providers alike. It also relieves your children of the responsibility of making those difficult decisions for you.

Imagine the emotional strain your children or other loved ones will be under should you fall ill. Making those choices now ensures your wishes are known and your loved ones are allowed to focus on the emotional aspects of the situation.

We Are Focused On Your Needs

At the Law Office of Julie Fred, we understand how delicate these matters can be, but we also understand the good that a living will can do and strongly encourage you to discuss the matter with me. Living wills remove uncertainty and help create peace of mind that should difficult health care decisions need to be made, everyone will know precisely what you want to be done.