Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure/Non-Solicitation Agreements


In industries where customer lists and customer loyalty are essential, certain agreements entered into between the employer and the employee(s) can help protect your business in the future.   Well-drafted contracts may protect your business and prevent future problems from arising.  Let an experienced attorney help you protect your business today.

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

An employee non-disclosure agreement allows an employer to protect themselves through a written agreement with their employees.  It can protect their proprietary assets from being divulged to competitors or any third (3rd) party.  It can also protect their confidential information or the confidential information of their customers.  The NDA restricts the employee from using any of the Confidential Information obtained through their employment for their own personal benefit.

Non-Solicitation Agreement

This contract can help your business to prevent against a former employee soliciting your customers after termination of employment. This agreement can help to prevent former employees from “stealing” your customers or clients.

Non-Compete Agreement

While now limited in their terms and effectiveness, a non-compete agreement can protect an employer from an employee competing with the former employer in the same business industry and geographical area for a set number of years.