Creditor's Rights

Protecting Creditors’ Rights

Creditor’s rights involves assisting creditors, those who lend money, in pursuing remedies upon default by the borrower.  This includes enforcement of promissory notes and guarantees, replevins, collections, foreclosures and garnishments. At the Law Office of Julie Fred, LLC we will do everything in our power to settle before filing a lawsuit becomes necessary.  However, if we must pursue legal action, we will aggressively advocate on behalf of our client, including post-judgment relief such as garnishments.

Secured versus unsecured debt

A loan that is secured by collateral gives the creditor a lien against a debtor’s asset. This may be a huge advantage in bankruptcy court, where secured creditors might go to the head of the line. Often the issue is cut and dried, but where there is ambiguity about whether a debt is secured, a skilled attorney can make the difference to a creditor’s chances of recovery.